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Recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction is a lifelong process. Sober Living offers a clean and supportive environment to assist you in your continued sobriety.

Residents in a sober living home stay more involved in aftercare therapies and are more successful in their obtainment of long term sobriety. Whether you are entering a sober living residence as a step-down from a rehab program, or if you are in need of a sober environment, Sober Living can provide the assistance you need.

Sober Living Homes are comprised of individuals with one common goal: sobriety from a drug or alcohol addiction. Our residents become part of a therapeutic community where each person is supported in a positive and structured environment.

Residents are encouraged to be accountable for their actions by their peers, which fosters a reliance on self.

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What We Offer
We offer a safe and supportive environment

A Sober Living housing environment offers a low cost, temptation free residence to individuals recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction. Our main goal is to assist you in maintaining your sobriety by providing a secure living environment. In an effort to further aid individuals, we conduct random drug and alcohol testing to ensure residents are maintaining their sobriety.

Our Mission
Sober Living is our main focus!

Whether you are seeking sober living as a step-down from a rehabilitation center or if you are simply in need of a sober environment to continue your sobriety, Sober Living -Las Vegas will provide the assistance you need while you work towards your ongoing recovery.

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Where what they say about Sober Living - Las Vegas

My new life in Sober Living has taught me how to be aware of high risk situtions and how important it is to avoid them.
It's taught me to be accountable for my actions by abiding all house rules. I'm learning how to live in society by staying clean & soberwith the help of sober living housing.

Thanks to Sober Living I have a safe place to live with great, great sober women. It has given me the opportunity to become a productive strong woman of society.
Thanks for a second chance.